Bar Kochba Coin Gold Ring

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Bar Kochba Coin Gold Ring

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Gold Ring Featuring a Jewish Bronze Coin Minted During the Bar Kokhba Revolt. Origin: Jerusalem, Israel. Circa: 132 AD to 133 AD. This genuine Ancient Jewish coin has been mounted in a modern 18 karat gold ring. Sixty-two years after the destruction of the second temple, the second major war against the Romans broke out–the bar Kokhba revolt. Carefully and secretly prepared, this war was prompted by Hadrianƒ?›s wish to install Greco- Roman culture with even greater force. The spiritual leader of the revolt was Rabbi Akiva, while the military and civil leader was Simeon bar Koseva (Shimon bar Kokhba). This war was much fiercer than the first Jewish revolt, and the Romans were initially hard pressed. The twenty – second legion was defeated and completely wiped out and Hadrian, in his report to the senate at the end of the war, even omitted the customary mention of the army’s well being. The exact extent of the territory controlled by bar Kokhba is not quite clear, but he certainly

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