Wine Fountains & Liqueur Sets

Wine Fountains & Liqueur Sets

Spectacular Wine serving collection, Liquer Sets & Wine Gift Ideas.

Find the very best liquer sets for your table here. Wine Fountain Sets are drink spout set to pour wine or other beverage into the main Stem Cup and watch it cascade evenly and neatly to guest cups.

Kiddush Cup Gift Ideas. Dividers and Wine Stem Servers

Wine serving sets are a lovely addition to your dinner table for all holidays, shabbat and parties. Buy one for guests and for the home to be used with friends and family. A lovely way to efficiently distribute beverages and impress your guests. Don't want to use all cups ? No problem, use the stoppers to adjust the flow to only the cups you use. Models are available in Silver, Pewter, Nickel and Lacquered wood. Yours will last a lifetime and with our price guarantee it's a fabulous idea for a house warming gift, a wedding gift or just a friend who appreciates their table settings. Silver has proven to be a great investment while enjoying the pleasure of it's use as the price of Silver goes up, your investment increases. Buy a yours at a ahuva for quality fast efficient in stock delivery.These sets have been classically used at Punch parties and continue to be a dazzling display to guests, yet more currently, they have been used for weekly kiddush where it makes it so much easier to pour all your guests a taste of kiddush easily and without running out of wine. It's simple use and clean up makes it an ideal table piece for all Jewish homes honoring the Shabbat and Chagim - Jewish Holidays. Make it a table and dining experience your children will never forget.

Wine Gift Decanter Cup and Plate Sets - A Natural Aeration Device

It's a rooted tradition to drink wine and serve it for holidays and special occasions. A wine decanter aerates and acts as a natural aeration device while serving spirits in a quick and elegant manner. For wine lovers, these cup and plate sets are simply a perfect gift. A unique gift for the drinker of spirits and a perfect hostess gift that is both practical and beautiful. Decanters in silver are a beautiful Silver Judaica gift piece and is a fabulous alternative to Kiddush Cups for Shabbat kiddush. The size of a cup sets vary from 6 to 36 mini cups plus the main cup on stem. All the models have an option to 'stop up' branches and hence purchasing a larger cup set doesn't necessarily mean it can't be used when less company is present. Weather you prefer kiddush in glass, modern or classic wood, or classic sterling silver kiddush, we've got the right one for you. You don't have to be Italian to enjoy these sets and enhance your table. Our prices can't be matched, we offer the highest discount on every tableware we sell. When you purchase your assemblage from us you also directly support Jewish families in Israel and we appreciate it. Thank You for choosing us

Liquor sets are beautiful gift ideas and wonderful breakfront pieces. Available in glass and wood with Handpainted Judaica themes, a lacquer set is sold with a tray and matching cups of 6 or 8. If you're looking for something larger contact us, we've got them, however you can combine two sets and make sure you never run out when the guests come over ! Liquor is drunk on shabbat and all high holidays except for Yom Kippur.

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