Women's Fashion Accessories

Women’s Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories from Israeli Silk Scarves and wrap shawls to Silk Bags and Purses. Find that unique silk scarf, fashion silk bag, for the fashion minded woman. Choose a fashion accessory exclusively available here with a spectacular set of colors and styles at affordable prices. Silk Shawls and Silk Scarves you can’t find anywhere else. Made in Israel.

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Torah, Crowns & Accessories

Torah, Crowns & Accessories

Torah Ornaments from Torah Crowns to Torah Bells. Torah Breastplates and Torah Cases.  Torah Crowns, Torah breastplates and torah poles and other Torah ornaments for your synagogue or temple. We specialize in all items for Synagogues and Torahs. Need custom Aliyah Cards, Eitz Chayim Poles for your Torah with dedication ? We do it all here at a price value guarantee you will not find anywhere else. Torah crowns can be rimonim (literally bells) which are separate ornamental crowns that sit individually on top of each Etz Chaim pole roller. When ordering a Torah crown or Rimmonim, check to make sure your torah size and poles are standard. Provide measurements if possible to ensure fit.

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Women's Hats

Women’s Hats

Shop for a fashion hats, hair covers, sheitels & kippahs. Modest head covers in fashion by a trusted source.

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Yad Torah Pointer

Yad Torah Pointer

We carry a fabulous selection of Torah Pointers and Torah Yads. Firstly, it is forbidden to touch the Torah parchment when reading so we use a hand literally a Torah Hand Pointer. Choose from our beautiful selection of Torah Yad Pointers and ornate Silver Yad Pointers and hand Pointers to use when reading the Torah. Excellent gift idea.

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Tu B Shevat

Tu B Shevat

Tu B Shevat the 15th of Shevat is the Birthday of the Trees. Tu B Shevat or Tu’b Shvat recite the blessings of the Fruits of the Land of Israel. Purchase Tu b Shevat Benchers for your community or affair on Tu’b Shvat. Purchase an Israel Eretz Yisrael Dried Fruit Platter for the recital of Tu B Shevat Brachot.

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Tzedakah Boxes - Charity Box

Tzedakah Boxes – Charity Box

Charity Boxes & Tzedakah Boxes on sale. Read More..

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Tzitzit - Tzitzis

Tzitzit – Tzitzis

Tzitzit & Tzitzis

Tallit Katan’s / Tzitzit or Tzitzis is the term used for the tzitzit strings themselves and often termed for the tzitzit undergarment. We offer high quality Tzitzit & tzitzis sets in wool tzitzit, cotton tzitzit, or polyester tzitzit. We sell 100% Kosher Tzitzit Strings for your Tallit and Tallit Katan. Purchase ptil techeles Tzitzit by Radzin and ptil Techeles tzitzit by the techeles institute. Our Tzitzit garments can be tried in ashkenaz tzitzit, sephardic tzitzit or a special tie of rambam tzitzit, chabad tied tzitzit or other. All our tzitzit are tied in house under strict orthodox supervision.

Tallit Katan Store

The Tallit Katan store. The perfect tzitzit pair (aka tziztis) made in Israel. 

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Velvet Mantles - Parochet, Torah Meil, Bimah

Velvet Mantles – Parochet, Torah Meil, Bimah

Synagogue Custom velvet mantles for Temple & Synagogue. Parochets ark curtains, Bimah table velvets & Torah meil covers made here. Specially designed in mostly velvet colors to match each other and any decor. Mantles are embroidered with emblem(s) of your choice and Pasuk phrases you choose. Replace and dedicate a Torah Table Mantle for your Synagogue , Shul or Temple and make a Kiddush Hashem (Sanctity of the Holy Name). We create all sizes. The prices where listed for Table mantles are for an average size 1.05 x 1.05 meter (41 x 41″).

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Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry & ancient Jewelry designs with a unique Jewish theme. Vintage Jewelry : Vintage Jewelry with a classical array of never to go out of style Jewelry. Vintage Jewelry is just that, Jewelry that gets better with time. Our vintage Jewelry designs are unique as they are popular. Gorgeous Vintage necklace Jewelry, Vintage Bracelets and vintage Jewish Pendant necklaces and Jewish earrings. Ancient Jewelry : Ancient Jewelry designs are classic ancient symbols shapes and color Jewelry with depictions of centuries ago. We present you a beautiful selection of ancient Jewelry for sale at fabulous prices. Consider shopping here as your ancient Jewelry mall. Antique Jewelry : Antique Jewelry is Jewelry with an antique design. We sell antique original Jewelry pieces as well a

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