Jewish Earrings and Hamsa Earrings. Shop the latest Judaica Earring collection at unbeatable value.

Jewish Earrings & Stud Earrings

Shop gorgeous designs in Jewish Earring Jewelry for Women and Girls. Some of the wildest in fashion and design you’ll fall in love with our earring collection and oh at such affordable prices. Made in Israel these beautiful earrings showcase gemstones, gold and silver designs in classic symbols of the star of david, Hamsa good luck hand, Hebrew names,  Hebrew letters and Jewish motif earrings.

Hoop and Hanging Jewish Earrings

Fashion hoop earrings in large and small hoops are cool and elegant all at once. Shop for a selection in enamel , silver, gold in hamsa earrings , star earrings and Jewish motifs. 

The hamsa pair of earrings are particularly the hottest fashion and design. Enamel baked and in various hand shape designs the Hamsa is the symbol of good luck in religions across the globe. Today, hamsa earrings have taken their position in fashion in eclectic circles and refined formal accessories they always look fabulous with casual and formal dress. 

The star of david earrings can be found as stud earrings and hanging earrings. Today’s women and surprisingly not only Jewish women love to wear the eternal symbol of David’s star. A six pointed perfectly symetrical shape, the magen david earrings are a choice look and statement. A beautiful attire accessory to any outfit the star earrings are available in plain classic gold, silver and with center stones.

We sell fabulous high end gold and diamond Jewish earring jewelry as well as bulk Jewish earring jewelry fabulous for party favors and gift giveaways. Whatever your looking for you’ve found the store for Jewish earrings par excellence.

Shop online for a pair of fabulous jewish earrings for yourself and as a gift giving idea.

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