Christian Gift Supplies

Christian Gift Supplies

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Christian store supplying giftware and temple furnishings. Our collections include Jesus Christ giftware, Prayer Shawls, Jewelry, Christian religious symbolic articles and Temple supplies. We carry all Bibles including KJV bibles at wholesale bulk pricing for Ministries, Churches and Schools.

Ministries Churches and Pastor Supplies

Ministries churches and pastors will find all their needs under one roof. We carry a vast selection not all online so call or email us for your requirements. We specialize in quantity discounts for church communities and ministries across the globe. Christian favors like mini biblekeychain gift ideas, crucification crosses, messianic symbolic statues and sculptures and Kiddush cups and goblets

Be fully embraced by God and the holy spirit with our vast selection of gifts and collectibles for the Bible lover and Christ beleiver. If you run a Christian school, classes, or study groups, ministry or pastorship you’ll want to contact us first for all your needs. Visit our Temple furniture store for a full array of pews, podiums and lecturns, kneeling tables and much more.

Shop online simply the most valuable Christian store online.

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