Aron Kodesh Ark

Aron Kodesh Ark

Torah Ark / Aron Kodesh for Sale

Purchase Torah Sale Temple Aron Kodesh Ark and Portable Aron Kodesh Arks  Temple Aron Kodesh and Portable Aron Kodesh Arks – The housing encasement of the Tabernacle of Moses. Each Aron Kodesh is hand made in Israel and exquisitely designed and priced to fit your budget. Choose an Aron Kodesh for sale below or sketch your own design and submit for an estimate. Portable Ark for sale made to fit 1 or 2 sifrei Torahs. Aron Hakodesh Shul Furniture at unbeatable value. If you’re on a very tight budget, we can create a proper Aron Kodesh for as low as $650. As experts in Aron Hakodesh Torah Arks, we’ll make that perfect Aron Kodesh for you shul , Temple or Synagogue furniture. All our Aron Kodesh styles below can be made into a full size Synagogue Hall custom fit. Call us for expert advice.

Aron Kodesh Styles

Styles vary in your aron kodesh from simple practical to luxuirous designer top of the line custom arks. We’ll work with you to design the right ark to fit any budget. Some of the ways we enhance a piece or limit cost is by adjust the carvings, stones, pillars and special engravings to either simplify or embellish the ark of choice. Our aronei hakodesh also showcase beautiful interior finishing, hooks and chains to hold Torah scrolls in place along with caster wheels installed on models for portability.

We’ve been selling Torah cases , Torah arks and synagogue furnishings for over 20 years representing the best carpenters skilled tradesman in the field all across Israel and the world. So you can be assured you’ll get top service and price , skipping a myriad of middlemen to produce the Synagogue furnishings that will make your synagogue , room , or temple look spectacular. We are simply the best Aron Kodesh ark manufacturers of choice offering Torah Arks for sale.

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